We are parents.

In the recent past, our lives have been put into termoil due to major health problems suffered by our children. For this reason we have a strong personal motivation driving us to try to give something back to the hospital that gave us so much


Havng spent alot of time at Meyer we have witnessed first hand the professionalism, humanity and superb organization that exists in the pediatric Fiorentino department. Gradually, over time these places become familiar to us, almost a second home; even the "alarm" of cribs in the NICU become sweet sounds , reassuring even in moments of despair, such as the illness of a child, you know you can count on a structure that welcomes you and allows you to hope and believe in a future for your children, as a parent, this is of paramount importance.

It's the people that make the difference, this is so true ...... but in Meyer, you have the feeling that there is more; you feel that "Meyer" is more of a method than just a name. As if this structure and the people who work there vibrate in unison to form a single living organism, whose sole purpose is in the service of the sick and their families.

If you were to ask me who are the people who have inspired me today ... ..without doubt I would speak of the parents that I have met at Meyer, parents who are willing to give up everything just to be close to their son or daughter. I would tell you about their tenacity and their strength, their moments of despair and their capacity to cope and not to give up; I would speak of their amazing ability to take on a heavy burden; People from every part of Italy, from Sicily to Trentino .

These modern heroes, deserve Meyer to be alongside them in these their most difficult of moments.


These experiences leave indelible marks on people's lives. These are the scars of pain, the anxiety of possibly losing everything, holding on to hope, trying to swim in a sea of ​​fear and despair
But, unexpectedly, in the wirling emotional there comes a deep sense of gratitude . One senses in fact, from the first moment, that you are in the right place, in a place where nothing is spared to help our children.

And from this feeling comes a need, the need to give back some of what was given to us in those most difficult of times, hope for others, for the future

We wondered how to do, how to bring concrete help.

The answer is a long-term project , being aware that a hospital is planning in the medium and long term to strengthen; a project whose size can give real possibilities ; a project that makes clarity its strong point.